Tuesday, January 03, 2006

NARG seedlist

I finally joined the North American Rock Garden Society this year after thinking about it for a while. So far it is well worth the $25. I have received several great publications and today when I got home from work the motherlode was in the mailbox. The seed exchange list!! Over 4500 different kind of seeds to choose from most of which I have never heard of . Awesome it's like Christmas all over again for me. How do I narrow it down to 25 choices.
There was one disappointment in the mail today although some would not recognize it as one. Heronswood sent out a full color catalog preview that says the catalog is going to change with full color pictures. I'm not good with change. I look forward to my novel size catalog every year. I actually save all my catalogs and go back and reread them some winters the 2000 catalog with all the essays is one of my favorite gardening 'books' to read. Hopefully that doesn't change with the update and new additions.


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