Sunday, November 27, 2005


Last week we had fog for about 6 days straight and very low temperatures. At time I didn't appreciate the beauty of the beauty of the situation. I just spent a lot of time longing for a glimpse of the sun! Yesterday the sun finally came out and I was able to get on with the rest of my life. Which unfortunately still includes quite a bit of garden clean up. The good news is I has the foresight to take several pictures in the fog and cold and because I have quite a few ornamental grasses and am lax about the garden clean up there are some pretty cool shots.

The top picture is a red japenese maple (cultivar name unknown) about 2 years in the ground. Yes, I know it's lopsided. It's on the east corner of my house and my husbands airedale decided to "prune" it for me by running around the corner at about 100 mph. Trust me, its amazing anything survives here. The point of this being the structure of this little tree is awesome covered it frozen fog.

The next picture is a pair of ornamental grasses, Miscanthus sinensis to be precise covered in ice and fog. This is the entrance to the park behind our property at one point the fog was so thick you could barely see this gate from the house. Now I'm patting myself on the back for thinking to add so many grasses to the garden. The looked better than most of the everygreens all week. I like the idea of a four season garden maybe not necessarily having something in bloom all year but certainly having areas of interest (even if it's just looking out from the kitchen window) all year long.


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