Saturday, December 03, 2005


The catalogs have started rolling in (YEA!!) and as I was flipping through my newest High Country Gardens catalog I wonders what my obsession of choice would be this coming gardening season. Last year it was coneflowers in all the new colors and every absurd price imaginable.
Sunrise, Sunset , Sundown and several others I can't think of at the moment. For me it was the horticultural equivenlent of baseball cards. I didn't need 20 more coneflowers but if I saw it I immediaty picked it up. Frankly as I was looking back through the pictures I can't tell the differece between some of them and for an orange coneflower the one in the above picture(either sundown or sunset) looks rather purple to me. The best of the bunch is Mango Meadowbrite which was actually released last year but due to some issues with it's orange counterpart got some bad press. I wish I could find my pictures of it. None of the others were worth the price tag unless bragging rights are worth something to you.


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